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Building Technology Innovations Can Help Combat Housing Supply Shortages

At the 2022 Innovative Housing Showcase, builders, federal leaders, and experts... More

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What Does Sequestration Mean for Home Building?

As the government cuts begin to take hold, builders are trying to gauge what the impact will be on housing's rebound. More

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Presidential Candidates Mostly Mum on How They'd Fix Housing

Industry officials are perplexed at Obama's and Romney's unwillingness to assume leadership positions on this sector's problems. More

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Startup Builders Make Waves in Recession's Wake

Without legacy issues, these companies have been penetrating their markets quickly, and making money, too. More

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Builders Fight for Value Recognition for Energy-Efficient Homes

As government programs shift focus to improving the energy efficiency of existing homes, builders say lenders and appraisers disincentivize energy-efficient new construction. More

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Builder 100: The Housing Industry Finally Hits Bottom In 2009

But uncertainties such as rising mortgage rates and impending foreclosures leave a strong recovery in 2010 in doubt. More

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Builder Reaction to Tax Credit Expansion Muted

Many say they’re grateful for the boost, but they don’t expect giant sales gains as a result of new monetization policy. More

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Breaking News: Borrowers With FHA Mortgages Can Use Tax Credit at Closing

Buyers must still contribute 3.5% downpayment. More

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