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Home Builders Around the Country Are Barely Surviving the Housing Downturn

As winter arrives, many builders find themselves at the mercy of increasingly desperate lenders, their companies upside down. More

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Lenders Are Dragging Their Feet Disposing of REO Properties

Banks take their time reselling foreclosures, modifying mortgages, and approving short sales. More

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Government Seizes Washington Mutual; Sells to JPMorgan Chase for $1.9 Billion

Failure could have put a serious dent in FDIC funds. More

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FDIC Backs Commercial Banking Industry

Bair says she does not plan to ask Treasury for additional funds. More

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Former Treasury Secretary to Paulson: Crisis Solution Must Address Distressed Homeowners

Lawrence Summers, FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair, and others debate bailout at Washington gathering. More

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Housing Downturn Hurts Banks, FDIC Report Says

Construction loans fastest-growing category of ‘troubled’ loans, according to FDIC report. More

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