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Cottage Clarity

At first glance, this new vacation home on Maine's Down East coast looks like another well-executed variation on the classic theme. It has the balanced, asymmetrical massing, the broad-shouldered main roof and mix of dormer shapes, the cedar shingles on walls and roof. But the longer one looks at this building, the less it looks like a straight-ahead Shingle house. Absent are the heavy, painted trim assemblies, the massive columns, and the palatial scale also typical of the breed. More

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Rock Star

The puzzle piece stonework of this fireplace was designed “to look like an object... More

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Fire Stone

There's nothing quite like a massive stone fireplace to recall distant times and places. Custom home pros like big rocks used in rustic as well as sleek ways to fit the home's mood and locale. More

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Fire Walls

Steel framing with exposed fasteners transforms this compact woodstove into a functioning sculpture that separates the living and dining spaces of this coastal Maine home. Welded, sanded, and waxed steel components reach 7 feet across and nearly 5 feet tall to give the central woodstove “more presence,” explains architect Bruce Norelius. More

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plans for the future

is your archive ready for a repeat client, a lawsuit, or posterity? More

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Meet the Builder's Choice Judges

Libby Elliott, partnered with her husband Matthew in their firm Elliott and Elliott Architecture, runs a 12-person firm specializing in residential and institutional projects. An avid photographer, House has received more than 20 awards from the AIA in its architectural photography competition. More

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