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EHDA Merit Award: Killingsworth Station

Portland, Ore., infill project for both market-rate and low-income buyers promotes low-income affordable housing along light-rail line. More

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Ten Green Building Predictions for 2012

Portland, Ore.,-based nonprofit green home building group Earth Advantage Institute has announced what it believes will be the top 10 green building trends for 2012. More

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Energy Labels a Powerful Tool for New Homes and Retrofits

Like a car’s MPG rating, a national metric for home performance is essential for... More

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10 Green Building Trends for 2011

The Earth Advantage Institute predicts what’s to come on the sustainability front... More

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Merit Award: The Sage, Eugene, Ore.

A compact lot and small footprint don't stop this ultra-green demonstration home from living large. More

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Home Energy Labels Take Root

The federal government is considering a national building energy performance labeling program, but builders in Oregon are already getting firsthand experience with voluntary home energy performance scoring. More

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