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These New Products Can Help Produce Tighter Building Envelopes

The tight labor market is contributing to the creation of new sheathing,... More

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Dow Provides Performance Solutions for Olympic Accommodations

The Modular Houses and Olympic Village incorporate some of Dow’s silicone,... More

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Dow’s Great Stuff Pro Gasket Adds an Extra Layer of Sealing Between Framing and Drywall

The water-based, one-component foam is compressible and does not interfere with... More

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Dow's New Foam Comes in Disposable Drums

The first code-approved low-pressure foam product increases builder productivity. More

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Profit Growth Could Surge in Q2

With all the hoopla over the Dow topping 17,000 out of the way, the market's next... More

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Entice Buyers to Opt for Solar

Want to entice buyers to choose solar? Here are some convincing reasons. More

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Safer Fire Retardant Makes Its Way Onto The Market

New product could replace retardant whose safety is under review by EPA. More

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