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David Furman

CHARLOTTE, N.C., MAY NOT LEAP TO mind as a mecca for great residential design, but... More

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Cityview Lofts

PARKING OFTEN CONFOUNDS THE site plans for urban infill projects, but in the case of Cityview Lofts, a significant slope on the site proved advantageous. David Furman Architecture capitalized on the grade to create an underground parking deck for 25 attached condo units in the heart of Charlotte's First Ward Garden District. More

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10th Street Townes

Charlotte, N.C. More

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Merit Award: Silo Lofts

The site was made undesirable by the adjacent features, but its location just outside one of Charlotte's upscale neighborhoods meant that it had views of the downtown skyline. The challenge for David Furman Architecture, then, was to minimize the undesirable location and take advantage of the views, meanwhile addressing the growing need for affordable housing. More

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Urban Adventure: Tips

Architect David Furman designed the company's one-of-a-kind Park West Condos in... More

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Merit Award: Post Gateway Place

Parking garages are a necessary evil in city life--practical but hardly attractive... More

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