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Hitting Single-Family Rental's Sweet Spot in Chicago

MACK Companies, a leading redeveloper, seeks long-term appreciation instead of a quick score. More

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10 Business Trends That Will Shape Housing in 2013

Builders were growing again in 2012, but new challenges lie ahead. More

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William Lyon Strikes an Agreement with Its Lenders

The debt-laden builder has an agreement that will shrink its debt and interest payments and infuse the company with cash. More

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William Lyon Negotiates with Creditors Over Heavy Debt

With more than $489 million in debt, the California-based builder is looking to recapitalize. More

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Private Investors Buy Land and Finance Residential Development

A handful of key players rev up their efforts. More

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Investors Step in for Banks to Meet Builders' Financial Needs

Is non-bank financing the “new normal”? More builders rely on private capital to stay alive and grow. More

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