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America’s Middle-Class Housing Burden

Moderate-income families are spending an average of nearly 60% of their income on housing and transportation. More

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Veterans Struggling to Afford Housing, Study Finds

The Center for Housing Policy's latest "Paycheck to Paycheck" report focuses on the plight of veterans, many of whom face challenges meeting basic needs. More

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The Coming Senior Housing Crisis

A new report by the Center for Housing Policy looks at the housing landscape for elderly Americans and what it means for the near future. More

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Homeownership Out of Reach for Many in Jobs Critical to the Holiday Season

The Center for Housing Policy’s “Paycheck to Paycheck” series finds that only mail carriers, out of five job classifications of workers essential to the holiday season, earn enough. More

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Affordability Will be Key to Housing Market's Recovery, Says ULI Fellow

John K. McIlwain also says credit limitations will continue to restrict future buyers. More

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Combination of Housing and Commuting Costs Pinch Homeowners

"Beltway Burden," a study of the Washington, D.C., region, finds that homeowners spend more on commuting than they save on housing by living farther out in the suburbs. More

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Study: Housing Costs Surpass Incomes

Center for Housing Policy research points to rising cost of insurance, utilities, taxes, and more. More

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