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Uniboard Nu Green Particleboard

Approved as a manufacturer of Ultra Low Emission Formaldehyde particleboard by the... More

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Senate Bill Would Establish Formaldehyde Ceilings for Composite Wood Products

Modeled after CARB regulations, the Formaldehyde Standards for Composite Wood Act would limit formaldehyde levels, require third-party certification. More

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Timber Products Co. Offers Urea Formaldehyde-Free Resins in its Hardwood Plywood Panels.

The GreenT line of hardwood plywood panels from Springfield, Ore.-based Timber Products Co. ( is now available with resins containing no added urea formaldehyde, thus reducing emissions that can degrade indoor air quality. The proprietary process also helps the panel line meet federal emissions standards and those of several states, including California's tough CARB air-quality legislation. In addition, the GreenT line features optional -recycled-content core material in its hardwood plywood, MDF, veneer-core, and particleboard-core panels, and all GreenT panels use wood certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. More

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