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Builders Offering Temporary Relief to Owners Who Lose Their Jobs

Unemployment insurance could remove one major obstacle to new-home sales, too. More

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Home Buyers Remain Fearful Despite Low Mortgage Rates

Builders say prospects who are shopping for a new home expect a steal. More

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Black October' For New-Home Sales

Builders say October worst month yet for sales, but worry that conditions will weaken even more in months ahead. More

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Builders Grapple With Housing Bill's Elimination of Seller-Funded Down Payments

Ledford: 'This will be an impact because it's grown to be such a large program.' More

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Reasons That New Homes Are a Better Value than Existing Houses

Sales pros share responses to buyers weighing the choice between new and existing homes. More

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Generating Traffic Through Referral Programs

Referrals are the most cost-effective way of generating traffic and sales in your communities. If you’re not asking your home buyers for referrals, you need to start today. More

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Spinning Your Web

In the old days, internet-based leads that came into Bowen Family Homes' Web site... More

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IT MIGHT HURT A LOT of builders' feelings, but sometimes the houses and the great locations and the upgrades kind of run together, says Jimmy Dunnett, Atlanta district sales manager for Duluth, Ga.–based Bowen Family Homes. A builder will stand out by creating a superior experience, and that means emulating the retailers where customers are accustomed to shopping. More

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