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Team Effort

GREG NUTT, PRESIDENT OF SOUTHAMPTON Homes, is very clear about the demographic he's targeting with the AMX system that will come standard at Regency Estates, his new, 61-unit townhome project in the Chicago suburb of St. Charles, Ill., which is also where the builder is based. More

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Digital Home: October 2006

- Artison announces the release of its Masterpiece LCR speakers. - Home automation company AMX announces a new national residential home builder program at last month's CEDIA show. More

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Digital Community

MOST OF THE COMMUNITY INTRANETS that builders have rolled out do a good job of... More

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Easier Control

HOMEPORT, A NEW HOME-AUTOMATION product from Cutting Edge Solutions in Westford, Mass., lets homeowners use the Web to make simple selections and updates over a home-automation system based on an AMX controller. More

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Integrating HVAC Gets Easier

When builders put together home automation systems for their customers, HVAC is rarely on the list. Most builders are more than comfortable installing traditional energy-efficient, set-back thermostats and don't have any intention of changing until more customers start asking for automated HVAC. More

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Programmable Lighting

With conventional wiring, you turn on the lights by flipping a wall-mounted switch that completes a 110-volt electrical circuit. The system is easy to fine-tune, so light levels can be raised or lowered at any fixture, and new lighting scenes added as they are needed.Equipment maker AMX in Richardson, Texas, ( says a sophisticated package like this one would start at about $10,000 for a house with a dozen lighting zones, not including installation. More

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