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AARP's Most Livable Towns, Cities, and Counties in 2023

The AARP Livability Index platform ranks cities for key amenities and services... More

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Building Technology Innovations Can Help Combat Housing Supply Shortages

At the 2022 Innovative Housing Showcase, builders, federal leaders, and experts... More

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Function of Future Housing for an Aging Population

A National Building Museum exhibit explores the need for housing that is not only more affordable for future buyers, but will address the needs of an aging population. Technology and function merge in ways that bring multipurpose to spaces that were previously accepted as static. This short video shows a future of space transformation. More

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Reinvigorating Housing and Communities for Aging Independence

HIVE dean Sarah Susanka expands on pivotal aging in place opportunities with her panel of housing and community building experts. More

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Three Outdoor Features Boomers are Missing in Their Current Community

Well-maintained/easy-access public restrooms, and separate pathways for bicyclists... More

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