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Home Building 360: For Architects, Downturn is All About Survival

Architecture firms have laid off workers, closed offices, and filed for bankruptcy protection as their builder clients have cut back or failed. More

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Architects' Own Homes Rich in Cost-Saving, Space-Saving, Eco-Friendly Ideas

Architects’ own houses often hold the keys to cost savings, building efficiencies, and new standards of beauty. More

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Degrees of Separation

This master bedroom and bath occupy a second-floor addition to what architect Sean Bell calls an “old 1940s war box.” More

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Long Hall

Upstairs in his long, narrow Seattle home, architect and homeowner Sean Bell avoided the “bowling alley dilemma” by alternating opaque and translucent sections along the long wall. More

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Perfect Score

The steep urban infill site for Sean Bell's new passive-solar home was considered a critical area for mudslides. More

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long hall

Designer, developer and homeowner Sean Bell works around multiple obstacles to design a bathroom for a Seattle home. More

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open wide

Nothing worth doing is easy, right? Well, the limitations of this Seattle infill site would daunt most mortals: The steep urban lot is deemed a “critical area” in danger of mudslides. Its southern exposures—crucial to passive-solar benefits—face a freeway. More

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