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Listing your home at the perfect time may make it sell faster and for more money. But when is that perfect time?

CNBC staffer Diana Olick spoke to a few industry experts on the matter and, according to Redfin, Thursday is the most popular day for agents to debut new listings, and homes listed on that day apparently sell fastest.

Homes listed on Thursday sold an average of five days faster than homes listed on Sunday. Redfin also found homes listed Thursday were more likely to sell within 90 to 180 days.

"Our market is programmed to look at houses Thursday and to plan their weekends out," said Marshall Carey, a Redfin agent in Washington, D.C. "You really want to have the most eyes on your property, and Thursday seems to be the day to do that."

Peggy Ferris, an agent with Compass, says she typically lists homes on Thursday or Friday: "I don't like to put it on too early because then agents want to show it and you lose the really good momentum for an open house on Sunday."

But there are other options. While listing the home later in the weekend can create more urgency, listing it slightly early, on Wednesday, could actually get your more money. Homes listed on Wednesday had a $2,023 advantage in sale price over homes listed on Sunday, according to Redfin, although analysts there could find no clear reason as to why. Most agents I spoke with didn't buy that finding but were definitely interested to hear it.

Find out the best day to list your house for sale from CNBC.

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