Based on an analysis of home-value data and mortgage rates at the ZIP code level, the Business Times has sorted the Bay Area’s ZIP codes by the minimum salaries required in order to purchase a medium-priced home there. Of the top 15, most are in San Mateo and Marin Counties, and four are in San Francisco.

Home to celebrities and CEOs, Atherton, Calif. topped the list both locally and nationally. Atherton has the country's most expensive homes with a median home value of $6.8 million, according to research compiled by Zillow Group.

So what sort of salary does it take to gain entry to Atherton's housing market? Roughly $1.3 million a year, according to a Business Times analysis of home-value data and mortgage rates in more than 15,000 ZIP codes nationally. Atherton was the only neighborhood in the country with a minimum salary requirement of more than $1 million, according to the Business Times' findings. In Atherton, that monthly mortgage payment would equal about $32,914 for the area's median home.

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