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Los Angeles, Calif., tops Forbes’ list of the worst cities for renters in 2018. In the last quarter of 2017, the average monthly rent was $2,172 -- two-thirds higher than the national average. Forbes’ Samantha Sharf writes:

That rent eats up 41% of the local median household income--the second largest income share across the 46 cities analyzed for this ranking. Meanwhile, vacancy is low, allowing landlords to raise rents at a much faster pace than in most of the rest of the country and employment and population growth is currently lagging behind the national average.

San Francisco, Calif., ranks second on the list with a $3,288 average monthly rent, which eats up about 35% of local median household income over a year, according to Forbes. Third-place Manhattan’s average rent is the highest among all cities at $3,493, and its 52% share of income also tops.

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