While listing the price of a luxury home as “available upon request” isn’t a new sales strategy, it’s fallen out of use in today’s marketing techniques. However, some real estate agents and sellers have found some recent success with asking prices that are only available to callers or even only to visitors.

Some sellers wait to set an asking price based on market conditions or on potential buyer feedback, or do not price properties until they are complete. Some want to maintain privacy, while others want to create a sense of mystique or exclusivity around the property. Sometimes an unlisted price will come about from a disagreement between a seller and a broker over a definite asking price.

Some real-estate experts advise against this strategy for residential real estate, as it may pose an obstacle to making a sale. The number of people who will see the property is also limited, as major listing sites, including Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com, don’t accept unpriced properties.

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