Las Vegas was the most popular destination for new home buyers moving away from California’s coastal cities in the first quarter of 2017, with 8% of moving households settling in Nevada’s largest city, according to a recent Trulia report. Coastal Californians can expect to spend up to half a million less for a new home in Las Vegas, where the median home price is currently $260,000, than they might in San Francisco ($750,000) or Los Angeles ($650,000).

Many of the cities in Trulia’s top ten offer median home prices in the $200,000s, including Phoenix, which 7.0% of moving Californians now call home. However, larger metropolitan areas with pricier markets are still popular, including New York (7.3%) and Seattle (5.1%), where median prices are in the $400,000s.

All of the cities that have caught Californians’ attention should prepare for a deluge. Between 2006 and 2016, more than a million more people moved out of California than moved into the state, according to a recent report from Next 10 and Beacon Economics. And with the state expected to be 3 million homes short of demand by 2025, this trend may only increase in the years ahead.

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