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Using the state-level median list price per square foot data from Zillow’s home price index, personal finance website GoBankingRates has determined how much median-priced residential square footage a $300,000 home budget can buy in a given state or district.

According to this analysis, The District of Columbia has the highest median residential list price per square foot at $516.40. This means that it also has the smallest residential space available on a $300,000 budget, at a miniscule 581 square feet. Hawaii follows close behind at a median list price of $510.29, or 588 square feet on a $300,000 budget.

Hawaii and D.C.’s prices per square foot are over $200 higher apiece than California’s median price per square foot, which comes in at No. 3 at $298.95, or 1,004 square feet on a $300,000 budget. The rest of the top ten includes Massachusetts, Colorado, Washington state, Oregon, Rhode Island, Montana, and New York state.

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