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Using data from the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2017, Zillow has found that despite the current seller’s market, the U.S. home selling process is fraught with anxiety and unmet expectations for sellers.

According to Zillow’s findings, one-third of sellers have said that they are “unsatisfied” with the selling process. Nearly 30% of first-time sellers were unprepared for how long a sale would take, and wished they had started sooner. In the end, 76% of sellers ended up making at least one concession, usually lowering the price, and 36% say they were not satisfied with the time frame or price range of their sale.

“Despite low inventory in many parts of the country, sellers still encounter massive pain points when trying to sell their homes,” said Jeremy Wacksman, chief marketing officer at Zillow Group. “This data shows there is a huge opportunity to create a better end-to-end experience for sellers and help them turn over their homes faster.”

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