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Using a proprietary modular construction system, Prescient is a completely integrated BIM design and building platform that its creators claim significantly drives down building costs and construction time for of multifamily homes for both developers and investors.

Prescient said this subsidiary’s purpose is to “leverage Prescient’s technology platform and model-centric design to deliver superior risk adjusted returns for real estate investors.” It will be led by Founder and experienced real estate investor Jeff Johnson. Johnson will be responsible for driving growth and identifying more investment opportunities.

According to Johnson, “Sophisticated institutional and high net worth investors are always seeking to identify a unique advantage when committing capital. Powered by Prescient is a real estate private equity firm that succeeds by using the most disruptive and innovative products available for its building projects. We integrate those building innovations with investment innovations to produce superior risk adjusted real estate returns for our investors.”

From 2013 through 2017, Prescient has experienced a compounded annual growth rate of 119%.

“These leading investors are using Prescient to deliver better risk adjusted returns to their investors, and we plan on pursuing the same strategy at Powered by Prescient. The Powered by Prescient team is off to a tremendous start and I am incredibly excited to grow this business moving forward,” says Johnson.

Jeff Johnson works as a Managing Partner for Lakeshore Holdings, LLC, a real estate private equity firm.