Birmingham, Alabama, USA downtown skyline. Adobe Stock / SeanPavonePhoto

The University of Alabama at Birmingham has begun a home ownership incentive program, Blazer Home, that will encourage home ownership around the university. Three neighborhoods have been designated as incentive zones: Five Points South, Glen Iris, and North and South Titusville.

The Blazer Home program will provide up to 10 grants per year of up to $8,000 for the next five years. All full-time, benefits-eligible employees of UAB, UAB Hospital and UAB Hospital Management are eligible to apply for a grant. Recipients may use the grant to contribute to a down payment or closing costs on home purchases or renovations in the designated incentive areas. There are 825 eligible employees that already live in the incentive zones.

“We think it is important to encourage residential development that has the potential to bring stability and vitality to the areas around campus,” said UAB Educational Foundation Treasurer Jodie Mote. The Educational Foundation is providing the funding for Blazer Home. “It also provides yet another way to strengthen the relationship between the university and the neighboring communities, and it fits nicely with our mission.”

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