House wrapped with Foreclosure tape front view Adobe Stock / aberenyi

According to ATTOM Data Solutions, there were a total of 66,401 U.S. properties with foreclosure filings in October 2018, which is up 21% from an all-time low last month, but down 4% compared to a year ago. Although foreclosure activity is down nationally, 15 states posted increased activity in October this year, including Florida (up 55%); Texas (up 28%); Georgia (up 50%); Michigan (up 24%); and Arizona (up 1%).

Also counter to the national trend, 84 of 219 metropolitan statistical areas analyzed in the report (38 percent) posted a year-over-year increase in foreclosure activity, including Miami, Florida (up 55 percent); Houston, Texas (up 198 percent); Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida (up 67 percent); Atlanta, Georgia (up 36 percent); and Phoenix, Arizona (up 3 percent).

Lenders started the foreclosure process on 29,017 U.S. properties in October 2018, up less than 1 percent from the previous month but still down 8 percent from a year ago.

Counter to the national trend, 18 states posted year-over-year increases in foreclosure starts, including Florida (up 98 percent); Texas (up 23 percent); Michigan (up 60 percent); South Carolina (up 60 percent); and Alabama (up 11 percent).

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