It's easier to purchase a home for some than others, depending on where you live and how high your income is.

To find out just where and for who purchasing a home is less burdensome for, PropertyShark looked at the median income of each occupation in every city, and how much money you are left with after paying rent and living expenses, to see just how long it would take to save for a 20% down payment.

Here are some highlights from the report:

  • If you’re working in law enforcement or in the legal industry, Dayton, OH is the best city for you – in less than 5 months you can put aside enough money for a down payment.
  • Syracuse, NY is the best place to stay in for architects and engineers – here you can spare almost $3K/ month, which means that you could have money ready for a down payment in 7 months.
  • If you’re working in the healthcare industry, consider moving to Buffalo, NY. You will only need to save money for 10 months to afford a down payment here.
  • Detroit is the best option for you if you fit under the computer and mathematical occupations label, as you would be able to put away enough money for a down payment in 11 months.

Check out the full list here, and find more analysis at PropertyShark:

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