Pulte Mortgage, a unit of PulteGroup (NYSE: PHM), on Wednesday announced an agreement with Paymentus, a North Carolina-based customer engagement and mortgage payment platform, that will allow PulteGroup customers to make mortgage payments in a consistent, user-friendly manner.

Adobe Stock/Elenathewise

The self-service portal is mobile-optimized and provides users with an intuitive interface that scales to any size device: computer, tablet or smartphone. The system can securely save payment information, so customers only need to enter their billing information once—offering an easy and convenient way to submit future mortgage payments electronically.

“Through our expanding technology platform, we are making it easier and faster for PulteGroup home buyers to finance their new home,” said Deb Still, president and CEO of Pulte Mortgage. “The relationship with Paymentus provides a fully integrated suite of technology solutions that will simplify how monthly mortgage payments are presented and paid.”

In addition to bringing simplicity and transparency to customers paying their mortgage online, Pulte Mortgage has focused its efforts on digitizing the entire lending experience—from application to close. Recent technological advancements include a loan status dashboard, automated asset verifications and hybrid e-closings—all enforcing a frictionless path to homeownership for customers from coast-to-coast.

“Pulte Mortgage is an innovator in home financing who embraces advanced technology to improve the end-to-end experience,” said Jerry Portocalis, senior vice president at Paymentus. “Leveraging the Paymentus platform, Pulte Mortgage will undoubtedly realize positive gains in customer engagement, digital adoption and operational metrics.”