The nation’s overall delinquency rate was 4.3% in June 2018, down from 4.6% in June 2017, according to the latest CoreLogic Loan Performance Insights Report.

This marks the lowest recorded delinquency rate for the month of June since 2006, when the delinquency rate was 4.2%. The highest June mortgage delinquency rate was recorded in 2010 at 11.3%.

The foreclosure inventory rate stood at 0.5%, down from 0.7% in June 2017. This is the lowest foreclosure level since 2006 and below the average pre-crisis level of 0.6%

Mississippi had the highest delinquency rate in June 2018 at 8%, and the Colorado had the lowest delinquency rate at 2%. Florida posted the highest year over year increase from 5.2% in June 2017 to 5.8% in June 2018. Among the 10 largest metros in the nation, Miami had the highest delinquency rate at 7.2%, up from 6.2% in June 2017, while San Francisco had the lowest at 1.5%.

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