In order to reduce environmental waste from construction, marketing company Marketshare has developed the “Salesbox,” a portable sales center constructed in a shipping container for builders. The office can be delivered to a particular site and be up and running in a few hours. It’s set up like a usual sales center trailer and doesn’t require builders to take time constructing a sales office on site, which reduces waste from additional building materials. The Washington Post’s Michele Lerner has more details on the spaces.

Each Salesbox is built in a reinforced 20- by 8-foot shipping container and branded and accessorized for the builder. It’s delivered complete with a desk, chairs and a bench for visitors and sales professionals, file cabinets and a large table for a site map.

The Salesbox includes insulation, ceiling lighting, two sliding glass windows, an electric power panel, an alarm system, heating and cooling, exterior lighting with a motion sensor, custom flooring and custom cabinets. Builders can also add optional features such an awning, a roof top sign for the community and a digital kiosk.

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