Courtesy DAHLIN

DAHLIN recently announced the acquisition of Del Mar, California–based Design Line Interiors. Effectively immediately, the firms have combined interior design and procurement services as Design Line Interiors – A DAHLIN Company.

The acquisition, according to the company, offers a platform for growth in a broader spectrum of interior design, including model home, mid-rise, and high-rise design capabilities from Design Line Interiors, while expanding DAHLIN’s current offerings in affordable housing, senior living, health care, education, and commercial interiors.

“Our acquisition of Design Line Interiors is a next-level opportunity that combines our respective legacies in a collaborative, holistic way, providing our clients with an even higher degree of design diversity and collaboration in their partnership with us and offering our teams with opportunities for expanded career growth,” says Nancy Keenan, president of DAHLIN.

Design Line Interiors was founded by interior designer Dawn Davidson in 1985. Over the years, its designs and reputation in residential, multifamily, and hospitality projects, including mid- and high-rise developments, has positioned the firm among the top design firms internationally.

“I started my company when I was 25 years old," says Davidson. "From the beginning, I aspired to create spaces that would inspire awe, dare people to take risks, and challenge the boundaries and norms of interior design. The team cohesion, collaboration, and diversity of thought this acquisition will create translates into tremendous value for the developers, builders, and other talented industry creatives with whom both DAHLIN and Design Line Interiors have worked with over the years.”

The interiors team will be led by DAHLIN’s existing interior design professionals, along with Jennifer Bien, Design Line Interiors’ director of interior design. Davidson will also assist as a visionary consultant on special projects.

“I would love to consult on passion projects for builders, or for anyone, because I love projects that push the boundaries on design,” continues Davidson. “I like to push it out there as far as it can go and then pull it back to where it's believable. I want to still do that in some capacity.”

Design Line Interiors’ employees will join the DAHLIN team at its downtown San Diego office and offer design services for mutual clients such as USA Properties, Jamboree Housing, and Toll Brothers.

“Looking forward, we're seeing it as a way to really integrate architecture and interiors together with design,” adds Keenan. “I've always wanted to do this; take what we design in the building and carry it through to the inside. This gives us a platform to be able to do that.”