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According to Curbed Boston, the home staging business in Boston has taken a dive due to the effects of COVID-19. The stagers who are still working are also trying to figure out how to work around homeowners and brokers. Santina Giannino of Braintree’s Stage It for Success showed up for a staging and found the clients still at home. “I didn’t want anyone to be here except for me,” she reminded them—a precaution against potentially spreading the coronavirus. “They said, ‘Where could we go? There’s no place to go.’ “That was two weeks ago,” Giannino added. “Now things are much worse.”

Stagers have been lighting up a listserv they share with questions, comments, and concerns about the disruption the pandemic has brought to their niche of the Boston-area housing market. Some argue they should lobby to be deemed an essential business. Some advocate ceasing all business for at least a few weeks. And others see a third way via other services beyond conventional stagings of vacant places.

“It’s certainly a confusing time to be in this line of work,” said Heidi Wells, who started the listserv. She’s the owner of Newton-based Silk Purse Design Group, and said over email that she put her projects on hold two weeks ago. “It’s not been easy, but I am committed to being part of the solution.”

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