It’s on the mind of many home builders this winter: How will the season’s severe weather affect spring selling? After all, Americans from coast to coast have spent the past few months bundled up inside their homes, fighting ice storms, record snowfalls, and the polar vortex’s deep freeze. Many industry experts are fearful that the dreary weather will prevent buyers from thinking about buying homes when spring finally rolls around.

The winter wallop doesn’t have to impact spring sales, says Philadelphia-based marketing expert Mollie Elkman. In fact, building firms can use the weather to their advantage by using marketing messages that resonate with winter-weary buyers. Below are some of her ideas for quick and easy ways to woo buyers this spring.

CONNECT WITH BUYERS If you’re in a market that has suffered a miserable winter, reach out to buyers with messages that let them know you feel their pain. On your website or in marketing materials, talk about “sunny days” or “taking a fresh start.” Connect with potential customers by recognizing their experiences, she says. “Show people that you speak their language.”

ADOPT A FRESH APPROACH Revamp your advertising materials to reflect the change in season. The best marketing campaigns provide the sense that something new and exciting is going on at your company, Elkman says. Change your photos or graphics to give a new look for the warmer days ahead.

REACH OUT TO REALTORS Spring is the busiest season for this group of industry professionals, so take time now to remind them about what sets your company apart. Offer incentives to make sure they spread the word about your homes. For example, one of Elkman’s clients sponsors a Realtor of the Month award, bestowing a free full-page ad in the local paper to the agent who sells the most of their homes.

A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS Elkman, president of Group Two Advertising, strongly recommends that builders invest in professional photography. Good-looking shots of your interiors and exteriors will draw buyers to your website and keep them there longer. “It’s virtual curb appeal,” she says.

CONSIDER YOUR COMPETITION Spring is a great time to re-evaluate how you rate against your biggest competition: existing homes. Demonstrate to potential clients the advantages of owning a new home compared to an older one. Reinforce why and how new homes are better, such as their lower energy bills and minimal need for upkeep.

USE THE RIGHT LANGUAGE This is the time of year to couch your marketing message in terms of “new beginnings” or growth. Consumers are thinking about fresh beginnings, so emphasize this with the newness of your product.


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