Zillow has expanded its Zillow Offers program into the Houston, Texas market, joining Phoenix, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Denver as the fifth market where Zillow Offers has come available since its launch in April.

The Zillow Offers program allows homeowners to sell their homes to Zillow for a no-obligation cash offer, after which Zillow will prep and list the home for sale with a local agent.

“Zillow Offers launched just seven months ago, and we've already seen nearly 20,000 homeowners request an offer from Zillow to buy their home,” Zillow Brand President Jeremy Wacksman said. “Consumers desire a more seamless experience and the ability to sell their home on their own timeline - something Zillow Offers can provide.”

“We're excited to start working with Houston sellers, giving them more flexibility and certainty in one of the greatest financial transactions of their life,” Wacksman said.

Zillow has also recently entered the mortgage landing sector with its acquisition of the Mortgage Lenders of America last week.

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