The share of Americans ages 65 and older who are still in the workforce has nearly doubled over the past two decades, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 1996, only 12% of Americans over 65 were still working, but as of 2016 that percentage has risen to over 19%.

In order to determine where the most seniors are staying in the workforce, SmartAsset has compared 2012 labor force participation data to 2016 data for residents ages 65. The labor force participation rate for seniors rose in 84 of the 100 cities analyzed over this period, fell in 11, and remained unchanged in five.

The average labor force participation rate for seniors across the cities analyzed is 17.7%. Minneapolis, Minn. takes the top spot with 22% of residents ages 65 and over in the workforce, up from 17.5% in 2012. Yonkers, New York came in second with nearly 20% of seniors in the workforce, followed by Akron, Ohio at nearly 17%.

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