The share of Americans who are satisfied with the overall state and direction of the U.S. came in at 36% for August 2018 in Gallup’s latest poll of U.S. satisfaction. This is similar to May 2018’s results, and down from a 12-year-high of 38% in June 2018.

Satisfaction has averaged 34% so far this year. The readings sat closer to 30% at the start of the year, according to Gallup, and averaged 27% in 2017.

The historical average satisfaction rate is 37%, based on Gallup satisfaction surveys dated back to 1979. Confidence averaged 60% in the late 1990s, then fell to 15% at the lowest and 28% at the highest from 2007 through last year.

Republicans are largely upbeat about the nation's direction: 67% are satisfied and 32% are dissatisfied. Democrats, meanwhile, are more unified in their displeasure, with 88% dissatisfied and only 12% satisfied. Independents tilt more in the Democrats' direction: 67% dissatisfied and 31% satisfied.

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