Front entrance of the old craftsman style home.

In the NAHB Housing Trends Report poll for the third quarter of 2018, 13% of adults surveyed reported planning to buy a home within the next twelve months. Of that number, 46% are actively looking for the right home to buy, and 54% of those looking have been trying to find a home for three months or more.

Of these long-term active buyers, 49% report that they cannot find a home at a price they can afford. Forty percent say they can’t find a home with their desired features, while 38% can’t find a home in their desired neighborhood.

If the right home continues to elude them, the majority of respondents - 61% - say they will continue looking for the “right” home in their preferred location. Thirty-seven percent will expand their search area, 23% are willing to accept a smaller or older home, and 16% may buy a more expensive home. Only 18% say they will stop trying to find a home.

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