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According to Demo Memo’s analysis of 2017 labor force statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 45% of Baby Boomers are retired, meaning that they are no longer in the labor force. More than half – 55% - are still in the labor force, and 36% of Boomers, or 66% of Boomer workers, are working full time.

Most Baby Boomers in the labor force have full-time jobs regardless of their age, even among the oldest of the Baby Boomers. Of the 39% of 65 year olds in the labor force, 70% are working full time. Among the 20% of 71-year olds in the labor force, 51% are working full time.

Seventy-three million Boomers were in the civilian non-institutional population in 2017. Thirty-two million Boomers were not in the labor force (45%). Forty-one million Boomers were still in the labor force (55%). Twenty-six million Boomers worked full-time—66% of Boomer workers and 36% of the Boomer population.

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