In an interview with “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer, Toll Brothers CEO Douglas Yearly says that while millennials may be marrying later and delaying home purchases, they may be more likely to turn to Toll and other luxury builders when they are ready to buy.

As CNBC reported in July, 57% of today’s first-time home buyers are married, down from 75% in 1985. "We know they're marrying later, so they're buying homes later, but that also means they're wealthier when they buy," Yearley said.

If this trend continues, Yearley says, more millennials may be able to afford higher-end first homes. "If not, they're going to buy the homes from our buyers, because ... while we're not selling the starter home, that's in our food chain. We need that to be healthy.”

Investors have been worried about the state of the housing market for much of 2018. Rising mortgage rates and a slowdown in luxury real estate sales in key areas of the country have made some question the fate of Toll Brothers, which does business in 20 states including California and New York.

But Toll Brothers' trajectory tells a different story. Its latest earnings report handily beat Wall Street's quarterly profit estimates, buffered by rising home sales and prices.

Millennials marry later, but that's not bad for builders: Toll Brothers CEO from CNBC.

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