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Phoenix is going through a growth spurt, which usually leads some to start asking when will it end and will it end well. Fox 10's Stephanie Olmo puts the fears to rest.

In Phoenix, vacant lots are quickly being filled, as new construction projects commence. The question is, however, whether this "boom" will lead to a bust.

One real estate expert says no.

"Our economy, going forward, is projected to be nice and steady stable growth, which is awesome," said commercial real estate advisor Michael Marsh. He says people are seeing all that Phoenix has to offer, and are taking advantage of it.

"Phoenix has a deep and talented labor pool, especially in the tech field where companies are really discovering, and it hasn't been quite has broadcasted as loudly as it has been recently," said Marsh.

About 60,000 through 100,000 people are moving to the Phoenix area, every year.

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