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The world is watching as the Trump administration and Beijing parry over potential tariffs. But as a Brookings Institution report points out, this tit-for-tat could lead to real consequences for U.S. workers and industries. Brookings listed 40 U.S. industries that produce 234 products listed by China for potential tariffs, in retaliation to U.S. tariffs on steel, aluminum, and about 1,300 Chinese goods.

Our top line estimates suggest while the total number of jobs potentially disrupted by an all-out trade war remains modest, the count encompasses a diverse and shrewdly chosen “hit list” of hallmark American industries—one that appears well-calculated to scare both red and blue America.

In a map highlighting the counties that would be most affected, Brookings shows that the impact is geographically spread and diverse. The Midwest and South jump out due to threats against the agricultural and auto assembly industries, but coastal states like California, Washington state, and Pennsylvania are also highlighted due to threatened tariffs on wines, produce, pharmaceutical products, and more.

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