Late this week several reports like this one emerged on the heels of existing and new home sales data. This one, from CNBC, is not quite as dire as some other reports:

Sales of both existing and newly built homes fell in June, the latter to the lowest level since last year. Prices continue to rise, but the gains are slowing. Mortgage applications to purchase both new and existing homes have been falling steadily, and mortgage rates are rising again. Single-family home construction also fell and was lower than June 2017.

In one of the nation's hottest metropolitan markets, Denver, Colorado, home sales fell 5.5 percent annually in June, even as prices hit an all-time high, according to a report by RE/MAX. Realtors there blame it squarely on a lack of homes for sale.

"Year-over-year prices have been climbing for more than two years now, which is great news for homeowners and sellers," said RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos. "The slower sales figures we're seeing are tied to inventory more than anything else."

Housing market shows signs of cracking. Here's why from CNBC.

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