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Goldman Sachs Chief U.S. Equity Strategist David Kostin doesn't expect a 2020 recession like a number of other economists, reports HousingWire writer Kelsey Ramírez.

“Our view at Goldman Sachs is that’s unlikely to be the case, but there’s some risk around that,” Kostin said in a CNBC interview. “Certainly there’s a possibility you could be in recession [in 2020], and therefore the market would trade on that, but the broad central case is that we’re not and the economy continues to grow at a decelerating rate in ’19-‘20.”

Goldman Sachs is currently forecasting a 30% risk of recession by 2020.

However, Kostin did point out what he sees as three near-term concerns: Tariffs, labor inflation and the pressure on margins and higher rates.

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