Detached, single-family homes are the end goal for the majority of Americans. While 80 percent of the population would prefer to live in a single-family home, seven in ten Americans (70 percent) actually do. Apartment and condo living is only preferred by 8 percent of the population, yet two in 10 Americans (17 percent) live in an apartment or condo.

But not just any single-family home will do....Americans also show consensus on certain community factors. 53 percent would like to live in an area that is "away from it all," versus "in the center of it all (34 percent)."

The saying "good fences make good neighbors" rings true to the majority of Americans as well. "Privacy from neighbors" was consider somewhat important to 87 percent of the population, while 45 percent considered privacy very important.

One thing we can take from these points is that single-family home builders are in a good spot. Americans strive for the single-family home, and for those who cannot afford one at this time, it's safe to say that they strive to one day.

SOURCE: 2011 Community Preference Survey, National Association of Realtors