More affordable housing depends on the advent of technology in many regards, one of them being how new capital is sourced. Robotic advisers are now making it easier for investors to target and manage social impact investments, hopefully moving the needle on the availability of more affordable housing.

What if you could make money and help the world, at the same time? Well, that time is now. Socially responsible investment (SRI) robo-advisors, a new fintech investing arena, makes it easy to invest along with your values.

It’s no longer enough just to make money investing, as evidenced by a growing number of investors who want their dollars to flow to companies that make the world a better place. And that cadre of investors just might want a robo-advisor to manage their investing as well.

What makes an investment socially responsible? There are several criteria. For instance, SRI investing avoids tobacco companies as their products cause health problems and death. Typically, a company’s social responsibility rating is based on its performance in three categories: environmental, social and governance (ESG). Positive practices across one or more of these spheres can land a company in the socially responsible category.

At the same time, robo-advisors are digital investment managers designed to grow your wealth through investing with models are based on sophisticated computerized algorithms, including ESG consideration. These fintech darlings have answered the call for socially responsible robo-advisors with a host of diverse options. Of course, you could choose a socially responsible mutual fund or ETF on your own. But, for the busy investor, let one of the many robo-advisors take charge of your investing, in line with your personal values.

Roster of Robo Options
Betterment, one of the oldest robo-advisors, has distinguished itself as a fintech innovator. With access to digital investing and human advisor guidance, the firm also offers an SRI portfolio. Designed to replace the U.S. large cap stock allocation in their diversified portfolios, the SRI alternative uses an ETF that tracks socially responsible companies.

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