Total Revenue for Replacement Contractors 2008-2017

Replacement contractors comprising the 2018 Remodeling 550 (a survey conducted by BUILDER sister publication Remodeling) reported a blistering 2017 sales growth of 41% over 2016, reports contributor Gary Thill.

Collectively, replacement contractors took in $3.88 billion last year. That figure far surpasses any other sales in the past 10 years — including the boom years, says Thill.

And 2018 sales are projected to be even bigger. Replacement Contractors are projecting a whopping $4.72 billion in sales this year, according to the Remodeling 550 data. That’s a 22% percent increase over 2017’s already record-breaking haul. The 10 biggest replacement contractors accounted for the lion’s share of the sales, with 53% of all revenue in 2017. That $2.04 billion was 54% above what the same 10 biggest contractors said they achieved the previous year when sales were $1.3 billion. By comparison, the bottom third of the replacement contractors accounted for only 4% of all sales or $151.71 million in 2017.

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