With technology on their side, many start ups are able to enter into the world of real estate. The technology is giving them on demand access to information that has never been available, and therefore leverage to find the right business opportunity at the precise right moment.

Ten years ago in June something new and different entered the American marketplace. The iPhone was a hit from day one, the first “smartphone” and a hint of things to come. It was not just a communication tool, said Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, “but a way of life.”

In a similar sense we’re just at the start of the “fintech” – financial technology – revolution, the growing use of data by the real estate and lending industries.

“We can position our clients in front of their customers at the most optimal time,” said Alex Kutsishin, Co-Founder and Chief ROI Booster with Sales Boomerang. “We can analyze hundreds of millions of records, compare them to current market conditions and then give our client information that allows them to better service their existing borrowers, or even future borrowers. For instance, we tell our mortgage clients the moment an existing customer has 75 percent LTV in their home or when a prospect needs to get a call because they NOW are a good fit a loan product. We do all of this with almost no effort from our clients.”

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