Hudson Yards. Photo by Katherine Gloede.

Here's a piece about the city within a city that is rising on the west side of Manhattan and whether it will help alleiviate the shortage of affordable housing in New York. Pacific Standard reports

On the far west side of midtown Manhattan, a massive new neighborhood rises into the sky.

Standing amid the flurry of construction in Hudson Yards—a $25 billion megaprojectthat's become the largest private property development in the history of the United States—you can see marvels of human architecture coming into shape: new parks, an avant-garde art installation, a half-billion-dollar cultural center, a seven-story mallthat will house dozens of high-end shops and restaurants, and groves of sleek, translucent towers.

The path to creating Hudson Yards began in the early 2000s, when city officials dreamed of a gleaming new business district and sports stadium, which they hoped would grow the city's economy and lure the 2012 Summer Olympics (an ultimately fruitless endeavor). Mayor Michael Bloomberg came into office championing the idea and offered a comprehensive plan to develop the neighborhood in 2003.

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