reNEWable Home 2018

Join BUILDER and Meritage as they create the 2018 concept house. Follow the journey here with articles, research and videos that unpack the design, engineering, development, and construction process and workflows to build the reNEWable Living Home. This project will capture future practices in smarter energy use, healthier homes, and houses that mindfully adapt to both residents and the environment.

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Multigen Makes Community More Valuable

Meritage Homes focuses the multigen experience on creating more meaning for buyers. More

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Powering Results with Utility and Builder Partnerships

Research on the reNEWable Living Home energy use will benefit the industry at large. More

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Download White Paper on Multigenerational Trends

The reNEWable Living Home White Paper explores the mindset of the multigen buyer,... More

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Renewal Through Interior Design

The BUILDER concept home attracts a new demographic by a marriage of theme and... More

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Video: Multigen Makes Communities More Valuable

As homebuyers are looking for households capable of holding multiple generations,... More

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Identify Multigenerational Trends For Chance to Win $250

Contribute to and benefit from insight into this growing home buyer demographic. More

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Technology Helps Busy Families Save Time

Multigenerational living can be complicated, but home automation makes it easier. More

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Six Target Areas for Higher-Performing Homes

The reNEWable Living Home is a textbook example for energy performance. More

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What Makes the Fonzie Flat So Cool?

Interior designer shares how to make multigenerational appealing to grown kids at... More

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