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Vodo Techology Limited

Vodo Technology was established to be committed to Linear lighting,expanding your view of lighting and how it can fit into your world. Vodo is an innovative, leading LED company operating in the development and manufacture of low voltage LED linear lighting. The founder of Vodo was inspired by the evening facade lights of the architectural building and how the delicate illumination enhanced the landscape and created a festive surrounding environment.
We work closely with electrical consulting engineers, Contractors,Lighting Designers, Consultants, Interior Designers, and develop a reputation as a leading supplier of extremely high quality products, along with outstanding service. in application of lighting of office, shopping mall, library, brands flagship stores, luxury hotels. Restaurants, bars, each designed to work with the rhythms of your day.
Our passion and enthusiasm is LED. We focus on innovation, color quality control of BIN & SDCM, and longevity of life into every product we manufacture and engineer. We combine our experience, accuracy, technological progress and constant quality control in accordance with the latest standards to offer a completed LED lighting solution
We consistently deliver in a fraction of the time of our competitors, even on short-run custom orders. And we strive to fabricate every order accurate, even custom design, every product performs flawlessly, and every customer receives accurate information and knowledgeable support throughout the entire process. We know that all that is vital to contracts as they need to meet up the construction time limit, Overall, we pride ourselves in helping our customers succeed. we’re ideally positioned to do just that.
Vodo Lighting products have continued to evolve with the changing needs of the market, Vodo Lighting continues to lead the market in emerging LED linear lighting. As LED technology advances, so do Vodo products

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