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Isokern/Earthcore Industries

Isokern, by Earthcore, is the market leader and innovator in modular masonry fireplace design with over 70 years of professional experience. Isokern’s unique modular, inter-locking, component construction makes our fireplaces and chimney systems light-weight and easier to assemble than other alternatives on the market. The environmentally friendly, volcanic pumice stone offers the highest insulation value and exhibits reflective qualities improving the burn efficiency of each system assembled. Isokern fireplaces and chimney systems are ideal for indoor, outdoor, multifamily and commercial use.

Earthcore Industries has been marketing, selling and manufacturing the Isokern brand in North America for more than 25 years. Isokern Fireplaces were first manufactured in Denmark, utilizing raw volcanic pumice quarried in Iceland. Isokern is the market leader of masonry fireplaces in North America. The foundation of the brand has been built on a reputation of working closely with the architectural community to provide innovate solutions for today’s complex building environments.

Earthcore is proud to offer a variety of innovative products that transform indoor and outdoor spaces. The Outdoor Living Product segment includes: Isokern Outdoor Fireplaces, ISO’ven Wood Burning Ovens and ISO’Panels Modular Outdoor Kitchens.

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