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Cornell Corp.

Began in 1954, GAF Cornell started as Fireproof Products Company, producing wood fiber and cement structural roof decks under the brand name PetriCal. In the late 1970’s, a new manufacturing plant was constructed to produce urethane insulating foam, helping to enhance the insulating properties of the PetriCal products. Around this time, development also began on a new form of roof insulation designed specifically for steep slope roofing systems, called “nail base roof insulation”. This system would allow for insulation on structures with cathedral ceilings, while providing a substrate to attach overlying roof covering materials such as asphalt shingles, tile, metal or slate. This new product, under the brand name ThermaCal®, began production in 1979.

Subsequently, Cornell developed Vent-Top ThermaCal®, which not only provided the benefits of insulation, but also ventilation. This new ventilated system would help lower shingle temperatures in warmer climates and also help reduce the potential for ice damming in colder climates. The Vent-Top ThermaCal® system (now called ThermaCal® 1 and 2)proved to be a great advancement in the steep slope roofing industry.

Now, structures with cathedral ceilings, such as churches, institutions, schools and other commercial properties with steep slope roofs could benefit from both the insulation and ventilation benefits, while remaining aesthetically pleasing from an architectural and design standpoint.

The traditions of quality, technical assistance to the architect, contractor and roofer, and personalized service have all become hallmarks of GAF Cornell.

GAF Cornell exclusively offers fully-machined ThermaCal® roof insulation panels which feature tongue and groove edges for reduced heat loss between panels.

In December 2013, GAF purchased the operating assets of Cornell Corporation. GAF intends to integrate these assets into its business and continue to produce and sell ThermaCal® Roof Insulation Panels.

Please contact GAF Cornell for all your steep slope roof insulation panel needs.

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