2019 Issues

January 2019 January 2019

2019 is the year of passive building practices and making smart home technology a standard in new homes. BUILDER takes an in-depth look at the ways both strategies are now attainable.

February 2019 February 2019

The KB Home ProjeKt takes a holistic look at the health and well-being of its residents; plus, an investigation into why trench deaths are on the rise, and how to increase your sales with this one crucial strategy.

March 2019 March 2019

HAS GOLF RUN ITS COURSE?: As interest in the sport wanes, some golf-centric projects are thriving while others are being reimagined.

April 2019 April 2019

NATURE INSPIRED: Wood, stone, and natural-looking engineered products are dominating the new-home construction market.

May 2019 May 2019

A 2020 Vision: Inside Kevin Clayton's bold bid for his firm to crash the rising barriers to homeownership. Plus, this year's Builder 100 and Next 100 lists.

June 2019 June 2019

BUILDER shines a spotlight on the top 50 new-home markets; plus, the heat is on when it comes to choosing electric vs. gas systems.

July 2019 July 2019

In the July issue, BUILDER highlights the award-winning residential projects from the Gold Nugget Awards; plus, combating the uptick in termites and addressing jobsite recycling.

August 2019 August 2019

BUILDER covers HERS scores, tactics to retain skilled labor, and the outdoor kitchen trend in the 2019 August issue.

September 2019 September 2019

BUILDER honors 16 residential projects in the annual Builder's Choice & Custom Home Design Awards program.

October 2019 October 2019

BUILDER discovers one-person households are quickly becoming a demographic to watch; and a Virginia barn is reborn as a forever home for two architects.

November 2019 November 2019

BUILDER's HIVE 50 List honors cutting edge people, organizations, and innovations. Plus, four industry visionaries make up this year's master class in the 2019 Marvin Hall of Fame.

December 2019 December 2019

BUILDER explores the effects of a possible looming recession and several industry experts reflect on their Vision 2020 predictions about sustainability in housing.

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